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Successful cluster management in Central Europe: CNCB results

Author: Hamar László | January 15. 2013.

(Updated in August 2013)

Successful cluster management in Central Europe: results from the CNCB survey and real-life applications in European clusters will be presented in Venice, Italy.

The CENTRAL EUROPE project “Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe” (CNCB) is designed to foster clusters’ competitiveness and innovation capacities. This is done by providing a practical tool-box for clusters about how to successfully manage and optimize a cluster and which strategies to employ when going international.

The CNCB team presented project results on February 13th, 2013 at the CNCB Final Conference in Venice. Based on a comprehensive two-tiered survey including an online questionnaire with 97 responding cluster managers throughout CE, followed by in-depth interviews, requirements were derived for successful cluster management in Central Europe. Specifically, the consortium focused on the areas of cluster management training, cluster optimization and going international strategies. As a consequence, the results gained in the survey were applied and implemented with cooperating pilot clusters.


For further information please visit the project website.

The following documents were compiled and published.


CNCB and Cluster Development Publications List


1. General

1.1 Questionnaire - Crosstabs Analysis and Correspondence Maps
1.2 Questionnaire Final Version

1.3 Questionnaire Analysis

1.4 National Cluster Management Concept - Hungary

1.5 Cluster initiative green book

1.6 Cluster initiative red book

1.7 GTZ Cluster Handbook


2. WP3 -  cluster development, optimalization

2.1 Transnational_Training_Manual

2.2 Cluster SWOT Analysis (BIB)

2.3 Cluster Manager AccreditedTraining Curriculum (PBKIK)

2.4 Cluster Optimisation


3. WP4 - training and education

3.1 CNCB Structure, Organisation and Services - Clusterland

3.2 CNCB Cooperation modell - Clusterland

3.3 CNCB Financing - Clusterland

3.4 CNCB HR Training Concepts - Clusterland

3.5 WP4 Best practices - PBKIK


4. WP5 - Internationalisation

4.1 Handbook of Transnational Clustering

4.2 Survey on Cooperation Frame

4.3 WP5 Methodology Guide

4.4 WP5 Questionnaire Survey Evaluation

4.5 Questionnaire Analysis Basic Level Report

4.6 Questionnaire Analysis Hungarian Clusters

4.7 GreenTechCluster: Development and Going International Strategy

4.81 WP5 Best Practice: Archenerg Cluster

4.82 WP5 Best Practice: Energy Cluster

4.83 WP5 Best Practice: Eurosportello Cluster

4.84 WPS Best Practice: PP3 Cultural Industry Cluster


5. Useful Publications

5.1 Cluster Initiative Green Book

5.2 Cluster Initiative Red Book

5.3 GTZ Cluster Handbook

5.4 Klaszterek Magyarországon, 2007 (NKTH-Netwin)

5.5 Rabb Szabolcs: Klaszter módszertani kézikönyv

5.6 Clusters in Japan

5.7 Clusters in Slovenia

5.8 Comparison of four internationally recognized biomedical clusters, US

5.9 Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance (Mercedes Delgado, Michael E. Porter,
Scott Stern)



Further cluster development documents at the project website (CNCB partner countries)