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Useful documents for cluster development

Author: Hamar László | September 10. 2013.

A wide selection of documents have been prepared and compiled recently at CCIPB that can be utilized by clusters of other regions.

CCIPB played an active role in several cluster development projects in order to support start-up and developed clusters of the region. The success of initiatives is shown by the interest of other exports from partner regions who are interested in new methods and best practices as well


Cluster and Network Cooperation for Business Success in Central Europe is a project where CCIPB, jointly with cluster development organisations fromseven other EU countries focused on  cluster management, cluster optimisation and cluster internationalisationm. There was a "flagship" cluster in three working groups for the trainings compiled.

The majority of documents are in English, the download link can be found at the end of the Document List.


The project was implemented within the Central Europe Program cofinanced by the EU and Hungary..


Document List (see donwload link later)

1. General

1.1 Questionnaire - Crosstabs Analysis and Correspondence Maps
1.2 Questionnaire Final Version

1.3 Questionnaire Analysis

1.4 National Cluster Management Concept - Hungary

1.5 Cluster initiative green book

1.6 Cluster initiative red book

1.7 GTZ Cluster Handbook


2. WP3 -  cluster development, optimalization

2.1 Transnational_Training_Manual

2.2 Cluster SWOT Analysis (BIB)

2.3 Cluster Manager AccreditedTraining Curriculum (PBKIK)

2.4 Cluster Optimisation


3. WP4 - training and education

3.1 CNCB Structure, Organisation and Services - Clusterland

3.2 CNCB Cooperation modell - Clusterland

3.3 CNCB Financing - Clusterland

3.4 CNCB HR Training Concepts - Clusterland

3.5 WP4 Best practices - PBKIK


4. WP5 - Internationalisation

4.1 Handbook of Transnational Clustering

4.2 Survey on Cooperation Frame

4.3 WP5 Methodology Guide

4.4 WP5 Questionnaire Survey Evaluation

4.5 Questionnaire Analysis Basic Level Report

4.6 Questionnaire Analysis Hungarian Clusters

4.7 GreenTechCluster: Development and Going International Strategy

4.81 WP5 Best Practice: Archenerg Cluster

4.82 WP5 Best Practice: Energy Cluster

4.83 WP5 Best Practice: Eurosportello Cluster

4.84 WPS Best Practice: PP3 Cultural Industry Cluster


5. Useful Publications

5.1 Klaszterek Magyarországon, 2007 (NKTH-Netwin)

5.2 Rabb Szabolcs: Klaszter módszertani kézikönyv

5.3 Clusters in Japan

5.4 Clusters in Slovenia

5.5 Comparison of four internationally recognized biomedical clusters, US

5.6 Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance (Mercedes Delgado, Michael E. Porter, Scott Stern)

CNCB and Cluster Development Publications List (for downloading the documents above)

National Cluster Development Documents (CNCB partner countries) - in English


Cofinanced by the Ministry of National Economy and the Hungarian Chamber of Comerce and Industry, ten clusters from the South West Hungarian Region were trained and supported in orfer to compile an publish their cluster innovation profiles. The project included project methodology and training for cluster managers A new website was opened at www.klaszterportfolio.hu to publish results.


The project extension provided opportunity for another eight clusters to compile their cluster innovation profile.The methodology is planned to be accessibel for all Hungarian clusters. In case of additional financing the cluster innovation profiles will be translated into English. Please visit website to check availability.



The South East Europe project Clusters Meet Culture (SEE) aims to develop the cultural tourism of five EU countries (Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary) by getting known best practices of clusters from the partner regions, furthermore the activity  and results of three Capitals of Culture in Europe.
One of the main outcome of the poroject will be a manual (in English) in order to support the work of regions and clusters working in similar environment.


Should you have a question, need information or contacts for cluster internationalisation, please contact the following persons:


Mr. Szabolcs Rabb, head of department, E-mail: szrabb[at]pbkik.hu, phone:+36 72/507-118

Mr. László Hamar, project manager, E-mail: hamar[at]pbkik.hu, phone:+36 72/507-187