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Small Territorial Unit along the river Danube

Author: Mikolás Ágnes | October 20. 2008.
The small territorial unit of Mohács is located at the south-eastern edge of the South Transdanubian region, which is separated into two by the river Danube at the eastern part of it. This territory is at the Hungarian-Croatian and the Hungarian-Serbian border and acts as one of the gates of the country. The small territorial unit consists 48 settlements on 885,6 km2 with a total 55.800 inhabitants.

43 % of the people of the area, which consists 48 settlements, reside in Mohács and Bóly. Beside Mohács and the partner-centre Bóly, the following settlements provide certain functions in this area: Himesháza, Geresdlak, Szederkény, Belvárdgyula and the Somberek-Palotabozsok settlement-pair. There have been set up self government within the local government for minorities in 35 settlements, this data refers to the importance of nationalities. The economic structure of the small territorial unit of Mohács is conventional, 39.1 % of the employees work in the services, the ratio is under the average of the county. The industry sector employs 30.6 % and this is also stays below the average of the Baranya county. The rest of the employees (30.3 %) work in the agriculture, this is twice of the county average.  



There are 4.359 registered enterprises in the small territorial unit of Mohács, 1.429 of those are partnership. There are 87 enterprises for every 1.000 inhabitants, this is remarkably lower than the Hungarian average. In the area the number of the enterprises in the agriculture sector is 405, it is 835 in the industry and construction and there are 3.319 enterprises in the service sector.  


There have flown only a few amount of foreign capital into the area and the bulk of the enterprises are seating mainly in Mohács and Bóly. It may have different reasons, and slowly the infrastructural problems seem to be solved.



The lack of capital, characterizing the whole economy, adversely affects the possibilities of the industry. For developing the area, there is potential only in the agriculture, which has tradition and advantageous characteristics. Usually the industry is set for processing the agricultural products and serving the agricultural production.



This small territorial unit is located in the most diverse country by its nature and by its history, this is reflected in the vast number of the types of products liked to the tourism. The possibilities in the variegation of minorities, in the developing rural and wine tourism are still not exploited, but the potential in them are continuously attracting the tourists.


City Presidency of Mohács


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