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Additional allowances in the Industrial Park of Mohács | Chamber of Commerce and Industry of pécs-Baranya



Additional allowances in the Industrial Park of Mohács

Author: Mintál Erika | April 28. 2005.
The board of representatives of Mohács city decided about additional, investment stimulating allowances by increasing the preferences linked to the prise of the parcels, because giving further tax allowances was not possible through of legal regulations.
The local industrial park is waiting for investor with a field of 30 hectares. According one of the latest the decision of the board, the companies, settle in the park, can establish a new premise with only 10.000 Forint emblematic costs. The parcels infrastructure cost the half of the country average, 3000 Forint per square meters. From this price in stead of the 200.000 Forint so far, the entrepreneur can get 600.000 Forint allowance after every new established workplace, which can reach now instead of 70%, up to 100%. However the cost of the build-up of the premise charges the investor. If an investor buys a parcel with 1000 square meters, builds a smaller plant, it would normally costs 3 million Forint, but in case he employs 5 new worker, the allowance per person is 3 million Forint, so he can buy the premise for only 10.000 Forint.

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