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Small Territorial Unit at the river Drava

Author: Sándor Andrea | October 28. 2008.
The Siklós-Sellye small territorial unit is located in the south, south-western part of Hungary in Baranya county. Settlements that belongs to this unit can be found in the Ormánság (small historical territory of Hungary), on the plain lands of the river Drava, around the Villany mountain and from the northern territories to the border line of the country. The special characteristic of this small territorial unit is that it has several centers. Its towns and bigger settlements such as Siklós, Harkány, Villány, Beremend and Sellye.

This small territorial unit is the only Mediterranean-like area of the country. The unit has 88 settlements, 79 % of them has less than 500 inhabitants. According to the public data’s the small territorial unit of Siklós has 37.632, the small territorial unit of Sellye has 14.072 inhabitants.


The economy of the area is traditionally bound to the farming and the forestry, remarkable the importance of the production of construction materials. Farming and wine production has a big tradition in the area. The territorial unit has abundant natural and cultural values, historical monuments. The river Drava and its floodplain is a singular place supporting the various and abundant forms of water-life. The area supports a diverse natural life, therefore both the economy and the tourism can rely on it on the long run.   



On the field of tourism this territorial unit has advantage in tourism thanks to its nature compared to other parts of the county or even to the whole country. The main touristical attractions are the internationally famous wine production, the well organised wine-road, the Duna-Dráva national park and the area of Szársomlyó that is under environmental protection and the spa in Harkány.


In the small territorial unit of Siklós there are 3.580 registered enterprises, 1.185 of them are partnerships. There are 690 enterprises in the small territorial unit of Sellye, 188 of them are partnerships. The number of enterprises for 1.000 people is very low. In the territorial unit of Siklós it is 95, in the territorial unit of Sellye it is only 49.In the small territorial unit of Siklós there are 362 enterprises in the farming sector, there are 162 in the small territorial unit of  Sellye. The number of enterprises in the industry and construction is 466 and 80. There are 2.752 businesses in the services in the Siklós area and 488 in the Sellye area. 


City Presidency of Siklós 


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