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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of pécs-Baranya




Small Territorial Units from Zselic to the Mecsek mountain

10. 28. 2008. 08:38
The small territorial unit of Szigetvár is based on 669 km2 and consists 15.1 % of the area of Baranya county. The neighbouring territorial units are of Barcs, Kaposvár, Pécs, Sásd and Sellye. In this area beside the only city (Szigetvár), there are 45 settlements and only two of them (Mozsgó, Hobol) has more than 1.000 inhabitants, 80 % of the settlements are villages with less than 500 residents. In 24 % of the villages there are less than 200 inhabitants. 28.000 people live in the territorial unit, 11.000 of them in Szigetvár, the rest of them in one of the 45 small villages.