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Small Territorial Units from Zselic to the Mecsek mountain

Author: Rudics Judit | October 28. 2008.
The small territorial unit of Szigetvár is based on 669 km2 and consists 15.1 % of the area of Baranya county. The neighbouring territorial units are of Barcs, Kaposvár, Pécs, Sásd and Sellye. In this area beside the only city (Szigetvár), there are 45 settlements and only two of them (Mozsgó, Hobol) has more than 1.000 inhabitants, 80 % of the settlements are villages with less than 500 residents. In 24 % of the villages there are less than 200 inhabitants. 28.000 people live in the territorial unit, 11.000 of them in Szigetvár, the rest of them in one of the 45 small villages.

The recent years witnessed the remarkable alteration of the economic structure of Szigetvár. Big companies ceased to exist and small enterprises came to take their place. There are more and more private contractors provide places to work in the territory. One of the biggest barrel, cask and stave manufacturing plant in Middle Europe can be found in Szigetvár. The cannery that used to be very famous operates only seasonally. The traditional shoe-manufacturing industry is continued by 15-20 small enterprises, they mostly do lease-works.


Today there are many small unit in the industry of the city. The unemployment rate is significant int he territory. There are opportunities in the tourism, there are investments going on in the city. The services and trades are developed. In the trade there are usually units employing a few people or multinational companies.


The spa, the castle, the exhibitions introducing the history of the city, other art exhibitions, the regularly appearing bands and actors on the stage all contribute to the fame of the city and ensures the further attractive image. Szigetvár is open minded and welcome every potential visitors and investors.

The small territorial unit of Szentlőrinc is located at the „bottom” of the South Transdanubia. Geographically it is very near to Pécs, yet in relation to development it is very distant to that. 20 settlement, with Szentlőrinc in the middle of them, separated itself from the small territorial unit of Pécs. The small territorial unit of Szentlőrinc is physically located between the small territorial unit of Pécs and of Szigetvár. It is based on 271 km2, it has 15.500 inhabitants, thus it is the smallest territorial unit of Hungary in relation to the size, inhabitants and the number of settlements.



There are 1.866 registered enterprises in the small territorial unit of Szigetvár, 636 of them are partnerships. There are 1.060 registered enterprises in the small territorial unit of Szentlőrinc, 310 are partnerships. In both territory the number of enterprises for 1.000 people is 69.

286 enterprises are in the farming sector in the territory of Szigetvár, there are 140 in the territorial unit of Szentlőrinc. There are 377 and 160 enterprises in the industry (mainly construction). In the territory of Szigetvár 1.203 enterprises are in the service sector and 760 in the territory of Szentlőrinc.


City Presidency of Szigetvár 


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