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CeBIT Future Match 2016 | Pécs-Baranyai Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara



CeBIT Future Match 2016

Szerző: Császár Gergely | 2015. november 4.

Jövőre is rendez üzletember találkozót a CeBIT mellett a Leibniz University Hannover / Stiftung Fachhochschule Osnabrück. A 18. találkozó az egyik legnagyobbnak számít az Enterprise Europe Network rendezvényei között.

2015-ben 31 ország 284 vállalkozása vett részt, akik képviselői 1240 kétoldalú tárgyalást bonyolítottak le.

A jövő évi CeBIT Future Match-ről szóló további információkat angol nyelven közöljük.


Future Match 2016 at CeBIT, the world's largest computer expo, in Hannover, is the 18th edition of one of the largest and most successful international brokerage events in the Enterprise Europe Network. Since 1999 Future Match has enabled exhibitors and visitors at the fair to find partners for cooperation, e.g. for product development, research & development, joint ventures, manufacturing, marketing and/or licensing agreements.

284 companies and research organisations from 31 countries participated in Future Match 2015and met for 1.240 bilateral meetings. The regular registration fee is 110,00 Euro and includes free entrance to all days of the fair for 2 persons. Confirmed exhibitors of CeBIT 2016 will be charged a reduced registration fee (50%).

Potential buyers, users or cooperation partners from sectors other than ICT looking for ICT related products, services or know-how are invited to participate in the event FREE of costs.

In addition to the classical brokerage event a wide range of additional services such as guided tours and advisory services on funding and IPR will be offered in the framework of the event.

For more detailed information and registration  go to http://www.b2match.eu/futurematch

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